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Tiki Cocktail Set Tiki Travel! Great for that Road Trip! TWO LEFT!


2 available
This fierce tiki set comes with a 5 3/4" six ounce martini shaker. This is the absolute PERFECT size to make your martini´s one by one the way they should be made. After adding ice and booze this will fill a 4 ounce martini glass perfectly. Shaker also has a handy "Shot-O-Meter for accurate measures if you are not an eye-baller bartender or if you are just too pickled to measure.

The 4 tiki headed plastic shake and glasses in this set, makes this the perfect travel or on the go companion. How cool would you look getting off your private jet with this under your arm? "Tini´s anyone?" (must be said in Thurston Howles voice! you know from Gilligan´s Isle ~Oh Lovee!!) Comes in an attractive window box with tiki graphics on the side to make this the perfect all time gift.

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