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Playa's Little Black Book "The Savy Bachelor Book" Only 11 Left! Can Not Be Restocked!


11 available
We listed this is the bar catagory for obvious reasons. This is a great gift for your bud breaking in a new bachelor pad. This "must have" bachelor book comes in handy while your out clubbin´ or cruisin´ the produce isle. Has pleather (imitation leather) covers with shiny gold letters. Plenty of pages and room enough to list a whole bevy of babes. This actually has a ten star rating system for all your entries, and a a reference section in the back chock full of dating tips, cheesey pick up lines and ideas on how to exit a bad date in a hurry! The Savy Bachelor Book comes complete with a pen. And you can fill it in with all sorts of fictious names as well as ratings even if they are only in your mind! You can look like a Playboy even if your not one! Hey! Not just for the guys! You gals will find this handy too! A terrible stag party gift!

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