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  1. How We Measure Stuff
  2. Our Payment Methods
  3. Our Return Policy
  4. Refunds
  5. Lost or Damaged Orders
  6. Privacy Policy

How we measure stuff:
We can not stress enough to pay very careful attention to our measurements in our descriptions of merchandise. Vintage sizes differ greatly from today's sizes. Sometimes as much as 2 sizes difference. So even if a vintage shirt's tag says size Medium, it is NOT a today's medium. Which is why we will list the measurements. Ladies clothes are especially different than today's sizes. Please be sure the item will fit you to avoid returns. There is a 15% restocking fee for all returned merchandise. All our measurements are approximate. We measure "flat". Which means we lay the item flat on a table and measure.

We measure across the chest right under the armpit. From armpit to armpit. We measure the length, from the center of the shoulder to the end of the garment. We measure the sleeve from the top or seam of the shoulder to the end of the sleeve. When there is no seam, will approximate where the seam would be and measure from there. Waists are measured across then multiplied by two. On pants we also measure the inseam. Hope this helps! Happy shopping and measurin'!

Our Payment Methods:
We no longer accept International Orders. All orders must be shipped to an address within the United States. Payments must be received within 10 days from the order date. Credit card payments are accepted with your Visa or Mastercard through Paypal. We suggest Paypal for the quickest, EASIEST and most secure method of shopping. It also saves, time, bank fees and trees!

Please feel free to contact their support. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We ship to verified Paypal addresses only! So be sure that the shipping address with your account matches the billing address of the credit card you are using. We use the e-Mail address for our PayPal payments.

We can not except credit card payments directly. All credit card payments must be made through Paypal. If an E-check is sent through Paypal, Paypal will notify us when it has cleared. (usually about 4-6 days) This time period is usually 10-15 working days.

Sorry, we no longer accept personal checks!

US Money Orders and cashier's checks are sent out ASAP

You must provide a valid e-Mail address with your order. Orders that are placed with invalid or false email addresses may not be completed. If we are unable to contact you regarding your order because of this, your order will be deleted. Our preferred method of contact is though e-Mail. If you have concerns about giving us your actual email address, please read our Privacy Policy. We do not, and will not distribute, sell or offer our e-Mail address list to anyone. We hate spam as much as annyone else and don't want to contribute to it in any way. We will only contact our customers through e-Mail regarding orders placed on our website.

Merchandise on Hold:
An item will only be put on hold after we get an order. Items placed in your shopping cart will stay for 3 hours. If you do not finalize your order within 3 hours, your cart will be emptied. We do not put items on hold otherwise.

Our Return policy:
Please Note: Items marked "As is" may not be returned.
We try our hardest to list all measurements (check out out measurement info page, on how we measure), and any flaws or color variations. I can not stress enough how different vintage sizes are from today's sizes. Some can be off as much as two sizes! So we ask you to please pay close attention to the sizes and descriptions we provide.

Refund Policy:
We are notified via email within 3 days after the receipt of merchandise. All returns must be received by us within 5 working days from when you received it. Anything mailed after the 5 day working time limit will not be accepted. Postmarks are checked. All returns must be shipped using the same shipping method as it was received. ALL RETURNED ITEMS MUST BE INSURED. UPS is automatically insured for the first 100.00. All Priority Mail MUST be insured by you the customer. The cost is 1.65 for the first 50.00. If you do not insure your return, and it gets lost, and we do not receive it, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR REFUND. We do not give refunds until after the merchandise has been returned and inspected.
You will not receive a refund if: An item is returned beyond the return time, or if it has been worn. (excluding trying it on of course) OR An item that has been damaged by you. ( improper cleaning, or damaged when trying it on)
There is a 15% restocking fee for all merchandise returned.
We do NOT reimburse for postage paid or return postage.
If you paid by Paypal we will reimburse you back through Paypal for the PURCHASE price after the merchandise has been returned within time limit and inspected. (minus postage and restocking fee) We will not refund an account other than the actual account holder.
All returns must be in the exact condition as it was received,( PLEASE SEE OUR LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS SECTION IF YOU NEED TO PUT IN A CLAIM).
We will inspect all returned merchandise. All returns must be in the original packaging. We can not accept returns on any hair accessories.
If you paid by US Postal money order, you will be reimbursed by check for the purchase price.( minus postage and restocking fee) in a timely fashion after merchandise is returned and inspected.

We will provide all information and postal claim forms needed for YOU to put in a claim with UPS or the postal service. We do not file claims. It is the customer's responsibility to file the claim with the carrier. If it is a postal service claim, We will only sign a completed claim form and return it to you. We do not sign blank claim forms. They must be completed in full. Please also keep in mind that any Lost Package claims filed with the US postal service, may not be initiated until 30 days AFTER the original mailing date on package. (their rules) Damaged item claim forms can be put in right away at YOUR postal location, and you must keep all original packaging and present the claim form, the damaged item, and original packaging to your post office. It is the responsibility of UPS or the postal service to reimburse you for a lost or damaged item. Not ours. Sorry! If they lose it or ruin it, they have to pay!